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Xinjiang travel to the International Grand Bazaar

As the saying goes,  If you don't go to Erdaoqiao Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar in Urumqi, you don't really come to Xinjiang travel. The International Grand Bazaar is located in Tianshan District of Urumqi City, it is the largest Bazaar in the world by scale, combining Islamic culture, architecture, ethnic commerce, tourism and entertainment. It is also one of the most famous landmarks in Xinjiang.

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The architectural style of International Grand Bazaar is quite magnificent, there are wide range of ethnic minority characteristic commodities in the market, which are rich and exquisite. The whole international Grand Bazaar is the most ethnic place in Urumqi.

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Xinjiang International Grand Bazaar Ballroom is the largest ballroom in Xinjiang, which can accommodate more than 1000 people for meals at the same time and integrates Xinjiang national singing and dancing, culture and diet.


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The feature introduction of it performance:

It started with a group dance, Celebration.

A noisy drums, a string of loud sonar, a group of Uygur youth singing and dancing on the stage, they laughed, sang and danced. All the spaces were filled with joy and laughter. So that is the real expression of the forthright disposition of the Uygur people, and it is also the warmest welcome of the hospitable Xinjiang people to friends coming from afar.


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The ancient folk dance Yutian Girls.

The girls in Yutian County, Xinjiang, are particularly gorgeous. They always wear a unique and exquisite hats floret the size looks like a small wine cup and a silk velvet coat with traditional ethic style. They look so mysterious and Charming, which is quite amazing to see them coming.


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Collective Dance of Men and Women La Pal and the Kazakh Wedding Dance "Gar, Gar"

Rapal is a musical dialogue in antiphonal style, with the familiar Alamuhan, Lift Your Veil" and other familiar songs, the actors through the piquant, humorous chorus, will bring you to the good memories.


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Arabian dance Oriental Dance

Oriental Dance is a women collective dance full of Arabian elegance. When the music sounded, and in the darkness, the mysterious and attractive Arab girls came slowly, covered with saris, with angel wings and ancient Arabian knives, they were cheering, twisting their waists and legs with exotic charm. Suddenly, in the silent crowd, a woman who was dressed in purple clothes stood slowly, she looks elegant and noble, her hair was curled over her shoulders, the snake wrapped around the neck, which represents the mystery of the oriental culture.


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Wedding Dance

Kazakh wedding is a wedding of singing and dancing, as long as one family holds a wedding on the grassland, the whole area will be lively. The wedding begins with singing and dancing and ends with singing and dancing, the wedding dance will let them forget the fatigue, their troubles and the lonely life of nomadism. Only by singing and dancing can the whole area be lively, meanwhile, the dance is used to express their confidence in life and their praise for a better life.

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