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Xinjiang Permit And Visa

Xinjiang has many ports which made it one of the strategic importance as a bridge between many countries. when you take the silkroad Tour, you don't need permots for most of the places, but indeed there are some places need travel permit. Tekes county and the cities along the National Road 217 whichwas opened in the year of 2012, which is full of the beautiful pure landscape. while you need travel permit to drive and travel on this road.we can help you get the permit one day in advance of your entrance.

you can drive from Karamay to Kucha via Bayinbulak. once you need the travel permit. you have to book the travel service through a a reliable travel agency. normally we apply the travel permit 60 days in advance.

China Tourism Visa Service Instruction

We can provide the Evisa for the travelers from these following countries:

Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmanistan, Tajikstan.

what we need:

1, Passport copies
2, Itinerary and flight details to Urumqi
3, we give free airport transfer if 4persons in one group
4, Minim 2 persons in one group
5, Free Hotel booking and you will pay the hotel on desk by yourself
6, At least 3 days to confirm everything in prior of your arrival  CITIC Travel can provide the Toursim Visa Support Letter for the travellers, especially the travellers or businessman from Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan,Afganistan.we provide very efficient service.

Steps of applying the China Visa & Frequent Questions
* Valid Passport:

  •             You must send the copy of the  passport ( scanned copy required). with all your personal information: 

  •             such as: Your full name, Sex, Date of Birth, Passport number, Nationality. 

  •             please note: The passport must have at least twelve (12) months validity remaining before expiration and has at least one complete blank visa page for the visa stamp when you apply the China visa in the China embassy with our Visa support Letter.

* Date of First Entry
        You must tell us your itinerary and route or the places where you want to visit. Normally, the longest stay is 30 days for the Toursim Visa
*  How long to apply the Visa Support Letters
        We will send you the Visa Support Letter in 24 hours of getting your passport scan copy and your date of first entry as well as the cites you want to visit

*  Free Visa Support Letter Service
      If you book the tour with us, the VSL is free, and we can book the China domestic trains, flights, or Hotels with reasonable service charge.

*  How can I get the Visa Support Letter
     For all the travellers from European countries, USA, Australia, the copy of the VSL will be enough for you to get the China Visa, but for Pakistan travellers, they need the original one to get the China Visa. for this reason, we have to send you the letter via DHL which is about 100usd for the express, but safe, reliable and efficient, which is about 3-5days for you to get the letter.