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Xinjiang Photography Tours

Xinjiang is a great place with a lot of diversities, from the towering mt. everest in Kashgar to the tropical original forest in Altay mt, from the vast desert in south Xinjiang to the large pastureland.
  • 11 Days Nothern Xinjiang Photography TourUSD$0+

    Destinations: Urumqi-Fuyun-Burqin-Kanas-Hemu-Karamy-Shihezi-Turpan
    Tour type: Photography
    Visit the North part of Xinjiang, enjoy the natural wonders of majestic mountains, vast grassland. Kanas Lake National park, Fuyun Keketuohai Park and experience the nomadic life of local Kazakhs.

  • 5 Days Urumqi and Turpan AdventureUSD$490+

    Destinations: Urumqi-Heavenly Lake-Turpan-Urumqi
    Tour type: Culture,Adventure,Folklore,Handcraft,Photography
    Enjoy the free shopping in the Grand Bazaar, overnight in the local Kazakhs Yurt in Heavenly lake. Adventure to the Kumtag Desert where you can experience the camel riding as Silk Road Caraven.Taste the authentic Xinjiang Flavor in the local Uighur family.

  • 11 Days Northern Xinjiang Tour to Kanas and YiliUSD$1650+

    Destinations: Urumqi-Heavenly Lake-Burqin-Kanas-Hemu-Karamay-Sayram Lake-Naraty-Bayinbuluk-Korla-Urumqi
    Tour type: Culture,Adventure,Folklore,Landscape,Photography
    Prairies are not only vast but also changeable,spectacular and elegant.The whole view can be extensive or dedicate, flat and endless to the sky or gives you a visual effect of ups and downs.Fairyland-Kanas Lake Nature Reserve.A piece of emerald in the grassland-Sayram Lake.Amazing experience-driving in the deep of Tianshan Mountain.Northern Xinjiang must be a lifetime journey to you.

  • 7 Days Kanas and Hemu AdventureUSD$0+

    Destinations: Xi'an-Urumqi-Fuyun-Keketuohai-Burqin-Jiadengyu-Kanas-Jiadengyu-Hemu-Burqin-Urumqi
    Tour type: Culture,Adventure,Landscape,Photography
    Trekking to Kanas and Hemu: Professional guided trekking to Kanas, enjoy the very best landscape.

  • 13 days Yili Pastureland Photography Tour-SummerUSD$0+

    Tour type: Culture,History,Photography

  • 13 Days Northern Xinjiang TourUSD$1796+

    Destinations: Urumqi-Fuyun-Burqin-Kanas-Karamay-Sarym Lake-Naraty pastureland-Bayinbuluk-Korler-Turpan-Heavenly Lake
    Tour type: Culture,Adventure,Folklore,Landscape
    if you are keen on the photograph and most beautiful pastureland, this is the route you can not miss. barely untouched land, pure Tuwa tibes in Kanas area. please come and join in us!

  • 10 days Hami & Balikun Photography TourUSD$0+

    Destinations: Urumqi → five-colored (Yardan Landform) → Mulei Diversiform-leaved Poplar Forest → Hami → Kumtag Desert → Tuyoq village → Urumqi
    Tour type: Culture,History,Adventure,Folklore,Landscape

  • 6 Days Kashgar Photograhy & folklore TourUSD$0+

    Destinations: Kashgar
    Tour type: Culture,Adventure,Photography
    A bazaar in Xinjiang is more than just a place to buy things. It offers locals a place to enjoy the flavour of festival,to have a rest and to meet with friends. driving along the Karaom highway to taste the amazing Pamir Platue.Kashgar- the place you can not miss when you come to Xinjiang