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Xinjiang Travel Tips

  • What to pack for your Xinjiang tour

    What to pack for your Xinjiang tour

    Deciding what to pack is not always easy, especially packing for the travel to the largest region in China.......

  • Shopping in Xinjiang

    Shopping in Xinjiang

    Xinjiang is an important place in China, with vast territory and abundant resources. Here, travelers can buy a variety of Xinjiang specialties such as dried fruits, melons, jade plus Etlas silk and so on.......

  • Train in Xinjiang

    Train in Xinjiang

    Urumqi is the capital city as well as the transport hub in Xinjiang, travelers can easily explore most area of the region by train. The basic introduction of train system in Xinjiang.......

  • Money and Banking in Xinjiang

    Money and Banking in Xinjiang

    For tourists, money and banking are basic issues needed to be handled. Here we list frequently Q&As aiming to give you guys some help and advice about money and banking in Xinjiang.......

  • Flight to Xinjiang

    Flight to Xinjiang

    When travelling to Xinjiang, air-transport is always a convenient and comfortable mean. Urumqi Diwopu International Airport, an international airport, could be a perfect choice for air travelers.......

  • Xinjiang Weather

    Xinjiang Weather

    To travelers, nothing matters more than visiting Xinjiang in pleasant weather.Esp in Xinjiang, with distinctive seasons, it could be confusing for new comers.More details about climates in Xinjiang.......

  • Where is Xinjiang Located on a Map

    Where is Xinjiang Located on a Map

    Xinjiang, located in the Northwest of mainland China, is the largest province in China. Its distinct topography, geographical location and mystery culture allow it to share the world's top trekking resource.......

  • Best time to travel in Xinjiang

    Best time to travel in Xinjiang

    Timing of travelling may greatly influence your travel experience and the actual costs. Here is the detailed climate and travel tips in different time all around the year.......