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Xinjiang Short Tours

Xinjiang Short Tours: we offer you 1-7days short visiting to Urumqi,Turpan,Kashagr and North Xinjiang at afforable price and excellent service.
  • 4 Day Kanas Lake ExploreUSD$350+

    Tour type: Adventure,Landscape,Photography
    Visit Kanas National Park is the must do when you take the Xinjiang Tour. Most people will be overwhelmed by the lake's beauty at first sight.boating cruise in the lake. Taste the difference culture of local Tuwa people. Trekking in the peaceful Hemu Village.

  • 3 Day Urumqi and Turpan TourUSD$0+

    Destinations: Urumqi and Turpan
    Tour type: History,Handcraft,Photography
    Visit Urumqi and Turpan in 3 days is designed for the travelers who have very limited time in Xinjiang, Easy walking in the Tianchi Lake located in the Tianshan Mountain Chains, visit the fireland of Turpan to experience the culture of Silk Road.

  • 2 Days Kashgar TourUSD$0+

    Destinations: Kashgar
    Tour type: Culture,History,Adventure,Folklore,Landscape,Handcraft,Photography
    Kashgar Tour in 2 days to trace down the vicisstutudes of history and culture pf the Western Region. Get taste the customer of local Uighur and Tajik as well as the modern nomadic life of Kyrgyz people in Pamir Plateau.

  • 2 Days Essence Turpan TourUSD$0+

    Tour type: Culture,History,Landscape,Photography
    Turpan is one of the pearl cities along the ancient Silk Route. Walking in the ancient ruins of Gaochang and Jiaohe to know how prosperous they were. The Bezklik thousand buddha caves located in the center of the flaming mountain.

  • 2 Day Kashgar TourUSD$0+

    Tour type: Culture,History,Adventure,Photography
    2 Day Kashgar Tour

  • Day Tour to Heavenly LakeUSD$0+

    Destinations: Urumqi
    Tour type: Adventure,Photography
    Heavenly Lake also called Tianchi Lake,located on the northern side of the Bogoda Peak of the Tianshan Mountain Chains. If there are 1-3 travelers, we will arrange the Excellent and Professional English speaking driver for you with the best deals.