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Best Xinjiang Tours

A Xinjiang tour specialist for over 15 years. Lesley team knows your concerns and the expectation from the tour very well. We are here to help you to create your own unique Xinjiang tour.Every tour can be customized to your needs. We now offer our top 10 Xinjiang tours in three travel styles, comfort family tour, discovery adventures and essential photography tour.

Top Xingjiang Tours

  • 7 Days Xinjiang Essence Tour

    Destinations: Kashgar-Karakul Lake-Kashgar-Urumqi-Turpan-Urumqi

    Feature: visit the Sunday Bazaar which is still alive in modern times. overnight in the yurt of local Kazakhs in Heavenly lake which located in the deep of Tianshan Mountain. visit the UNESCO of Jiaohe Ruins. enjoy the hospitalily of local Uighur family. you can not miss


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  • 9 Days Xinjiang Impressive Tour

    Destinations: Urumqi → Turpan → Kanas → Karamay

    Feature: The extraordinary Kanas is a fairyland. Snow-capped mountain,forest,grasslands and lake there make an intoxicating painting. Old cottages of the Tuwa people harmoniously co-exist with Nature.Fireland-Turpan where you will know the Silk Road History and local Uighur folklore.The Tianchi,or"Heavenly Lake" is like a lake in heaven indeed.


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  • 6 Days Kashgar Photograhy & folklore Tour

    Destinations: Kashgar

    Feature: A bazaar in Xinjiang is more than just a place to buy things. It offers locals a place to enjoy the flavour of festival,to have a rest and to meet with friends. driving along the Karaom highway to taste the amazing Pamir Platue.Kashgar- the place you can not miss when you come to Xinjiang


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  • 11 Days West China Adventure to Taklamakan desert

    Destinations: Kashgar,Khotan,Turpan,Urumqi

    Feature: Southern Xinjiang is a region with diverse ethnice groups,culture and religions,which is its most distinctive feature.Follow the footstep of Mark Polo, knowing the history of Western Region,visiting the ruins along the Silk Road,driving across the Taklamgan desert.we are the best choice for you to experience the folklore of Xinjang.


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  • 23 days Xinjiang Panoramic Tour

    Destinations: Urumqi → Kanas → Karamay → Sarym Lake → Yili → Bayinbuluk → Kuqa → Aksu → Kashgar → Khotan → Taklamkan Desert → Korler → Turpan

    Feature: Xinjiang is divided into two parts by the Taklamakan desert. Northern Xinjiang -the nature is very unique and fascinating, the most remarkable peak,vast grassland,untouched fairyland,inland lake and river,great mountain ranges. Southern Xinjiang-the folklore is very attractive and impressive, it is also great to know the history of great silk road. Take the Panaoramic Xinjiang Tour. Enjoy the both Northern Xinjiang Nature and Southern Xinjiang colorful customers.


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  • 11 Days Northern Xinjiang Tour to Kanas and Yili

    Destinations: Urumqi-Heavenly Lake-Burqin-Kanas-Hemu-Karamay-Sayram Lake-Naraty-Bayinbuluk-Korla-Urumqi

    Feature: Prairies are not only vast but also changeable,spectacular and elegant.The whole view can be extensive or dedicate, flat and endless to the sky or gives you a visual effect of ups and downs.Fairyland-Kanas Lake Nature Reserve.A piece of emerald in the grassland-Sayram Lake.Amazing experience-driving in the deep of Tianshan Mountain.Northern Xinjiang must be a lifetime journey to you.


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  • 5 Days Urumqi and Turpan Adventure

    Destinations: Urumqi-Heavenly Lake-Turpan-Urumqi

    Feature: Enjoy the free shopping in the Grand Bazaar, overnight in the local Kazakhs Yurt in Heavenly lake. Adventure to the Kumtag Desert where you can experience the camel riding as Silk Road Caraven.Taste the authentic Xinjiang Flavor in the local Uighur family.


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  • Bogoda Trekking

    Destinations: Bogoda

    Feature: Bogoda Peak Located in the eastern Tianshan Mountains, the highest sea level is 5445 meters. Along an elevation of 2100 m -3700 m walk the whole distance of 55KM, starting point at 2100m above sea level, the highest elevation of 3700 meters, at the end of the trekking is sea level is 1930m by the side of Heavenly lake. This line is from south to north across the Tianshan Mountains to dabancheng three mountains to the Beverly Tianchi is across the line.


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